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Appreciative Tune-Ups for Workgroups


Conversations come to life with good questions.

Working together in groups is the foundation of our humanity, whether long ago or today. In our modern experience of work, workgroups are central to getting things done in volunteer citizen groups and in the workplace. And, workgroups are fun, or at least they can be. Working together bonds our day-to-day experience in meaningful ways. This experience can be as nourishing as sharing a meal or working the soil.

A good workgroup takes maintenance just like anything else. Good questions keeps workgroups tuned-up and running well. Good questions feed great workgroup dynamics.

What already works? What would even better look like?

Individuals in appreciative workgroups have fun! It’s fun to be positive. Appreciative inquiry is by definition the practice of posing positive questions with generative potential. Appreciative inquiry is solution-focused and forward-thinking.

Where do we want to go?


What does sustainability look like in one’s community and in the future? 


What’s most important?

Making breakthroughs is a dynamo for action! It can also be fun to lighten up to simple ways to evaluate ourselves and our workgroup’s strengths. Keep it positive and forward moving. Workgroups are most effective when participants are comfortable with meaningful, open-ended and appreciative conversations.

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Note: With much appreciation to Dr. Malcolm “Mac” Odell, a foremost practitioner in appreciative inquiry. Mac is also a BOD advisor to Economics for Peace Institute, which emerged – in part – from the simple question:  “What would it look like if it worked?”

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January 24, 2020

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